Accounting solutions for startups

When you are start up you’re watching the pennies, but wanting to make sure you get the best possible start covering all essentials and doing it right. We offer accounting services that suit first-time business owners.

What we offer

Tax Services and Compliance

If you are start-up, you’re watching the pennies, but wanting to make sure you get the best possible start.    You want peace of mind that your HRMC and Companies House obligations are met, but without taking short cuts that you will regret later.

You may also want a guiding hand to help with payroll, bookkeeping, payment processors and tools you can leverage to streamline your business and access real-time information about your business.

Business Support

When you’re starting out you may want some additional support to plan out your new venture.  We provide cost-effective support and professional advice that you can rely on.

Management Accounts

If you are on an accelerated growth path, we’ll listen to your vision and help you with a plan to get there efficiently and with agility.

We provide quarterly performance reports and meet with you to hold you accountable.  Its about giving you the confidence and knowledge to make better decisions and adapt to your evolving situation with ease.

Company formation

We will provide advice and deal with the formalities of setting up a company ensuring that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

We can tailor a package to meet your needs.

Don’t just take our word for it

See what our clients are saying about us.

Jenni Lindinger

Founder, The Expressive Child Speech and Language Therapy

I’ve had so many friends and colleagues who have been totally in the dark about so many arrangements during the Covid situation with regards to their business finances, and it’s really highlighted what an amazing service you provide and just how outstanding North Star Accounting is at what you do and offer, so a huge thank you.   I’m so glad that I found you to work with, it’s definitely made a significant positive difference to my business, not just in the last few months but overall.

Brian Carbin

Co-founder, Stone Dogs Post-Production and VFX House

I can’t remember who recommended Tania, but I’m so happy they did.  When we set up shop in 2017 we had to learn on our feet.  As a small business expert Tania was a critical part of getting us moving forward. She set up all of the required documents with HMRC, posted our minutes, set up payroll for our staff and allowed us to concentrate on running the business.  She’s always across all of the current legislation and keeps us up to date on any changes that are relevant to us. This has never been more evident since the Covid-19 lockdown.  As we’ve grown she’s helped us streamline our systems, which have in turn saved us time and money.  She always takes the time with any explanations and in a way even I can understand. Oh and did I mention that she’s a really nice person?  Well she is!

Neil Sheth

Founder, Bubbl Digital – Creative Content & SEO Digital Marketing Agency

You will be lucky to have found North Star Accounting. I know…big statement but it’s true.  Advice and guidance are carefully considered, and questions answered promptly. Thanks for all of your help!